We provide all-terrain logistic support to with Category One and Two respondents. Category One Crew have a recognized 4×4 training certificate. Category Two Crew are experienced 4×4 drivers and owners also other members of the overall team. The majority of our Category One Crew of volunteers are trained to operate safely in adverse conditions, typically where others have been advised to not travel unless absolutely necessary. Our objective is the preservation of life, and our role is to provide logistic support to those requiring transport to achieve that aim. We provide transport in times of severe weather (snow, gales, heavy rain or floods), or across rough terrain, to transport essential personnel, supplies or equipment to areas that would be otherwise inaccessible or hazardous to normal vehicles. We are ready and willing to provide a free service to the people of the state through generosity of time and of coarse fuel. We are a standby asset that is free from the people to the state and each other and endeavor to work in partnership with its other members of state and charity organisations to provide a coordinated adequately equipped vehicular response in an event or at a time of emergency.


4x4Response-IRL is a voluntary organization with currently 400 engaged volunteers who donate their time and use of their own personal vehicles when required. We have also in excess of 15,000 followers on our Facebook page Coverage is provided across the whole county, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Where a vehicle is required, the dispatch and control team will identify the most appropriate vehicle for the task based on location and operational requirement and dispatch it to where it is required. All our responders’ vehicles have four-wheel drive. For transporting personnel we can provide in some vehicles up to 7 seat vehicles, or for transporting equipment or supplies vehicles with payloads of up to around 1500Kg. We are also able to tow trailers of up to 3500Kg with most types of coupling. For the most difficult conditions most Category One Crew have modified vehicles available, e.g. for use in deeper water. In the event of a major incident we can call on additional resources from a Facebook page we associate to its link is https://www.facebook.com/4x4Irl/ . This page has over 15,000 followers from all over the country who can be called upon should the need for a mass communication to occur.


The deployment request and response must be updated on the whatsapp, facebook or twitter to ensure the complete clarity. Each request and response must provide details of the location and nature of the assistance required, and the likely duration of the incident.

New Service Users

We welcome inquiries from Category one and Category two Crew who would like to put an agreement or Memorandum of Understanding in place, please email us your draft document for review. Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and how we may be able to support you.


Some of the services we are able to provide include:

  • Transport of care workers or nurses to house-calls in rural areas in heavy snow
  • Delivery of urgent medication or hot meals
  • Transport of rescue personnel and equipment across rough terrain
  • Assisting with the evacuation of vulnerable people from areas at risk from flooding
  • Contingency escorting of conventional vehicles in adverse conditions

for more information email

us at 4x4responseirl@gmail.com or join our Facebook group @ 4x4Response-IRL